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The Covenant Purity Ring Team

Tabernacle and Crosstm

Right Hand of Godtm

  • Right Hand of God
  • Palm of His Hand
  • Diamond in the Wrist
  • Heart
  • The Borders
  • The Cross
  • Center-Torn Veil
  • The Gospel of "Good News"
  • Person wih Gospel on Feet
​God/Yahweh gave the "Pattern of the Tabernacle" to Moses. 
HE used this Tabernacle on earth to "Dwell" among and guide his people.

Exodus 25:1-9

Holy Place
(Holy of Holies)

Holy Place
(Inner Court)

The Borders and Areas in the Tabernacle

Outer Court (Tent of Meeting)
Holy Place (Inner Court)
Most Holy Place (Holy of Holies)

The Cross

The Death
Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

​​The Torn Veil

​Access to the Most Holy Place
Outer Court
(Tent of Meeting)

​​Gospel of Good News

The Kingdom of God
Person with Gospel of Good News on their Feet​​

The New Covenant (New Testament) Provision


Tabernacle and Cross
​​ Good News!

If video doesn't load, please click the link to to go YouTube.    https://youtu.be/SnV05mqrBlA

​​The Veil​​

Right Hand of Godtm

Right Hand of God
Nail Mark (Diamond in the Wrist)
Heart (Your Heart In His Hand)

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